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Frontenac grapes

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>> Montana Living Magazine, Nov-Dec, 2003
>> Northwest Travel Magazine, July/August, 2004
>> Missoula Independent, February 26, 2004

Rattlesnake Creek Razzles Restaurant's Recipe
Missoula's award-winning restaurant, The Red Bird, uses Flathead Cherry Dry wine in one of its most popular entrees: Grilled Bison a pool of Rattlesnake Creek's Cherry Wine reduction, served with fried sage mashed potatoes, oven roasted baby carrots & completed with a Flathead Cherry & black pepper chutney.

In 1585 Enthusiasm over American wine grapes burst out when Ralph Lane, governor of the English colony at Roanoke, told Sir Walter Raleigh he had found better vines growing wild in the New World than existed in England. Our French-American hybrids use the strong American stock crossbred with the best French varieties for a northern climate. We planted our first grapevines in 1997 and 2003 was our first commercially licensed year to sell wine.

The varietals we grow are: Maréchal Foch, Frontenac, Leon Millot, St. Pepin, St. Croix and Swenson Red. This year we are also producing Pinot Noir from the Cattrall Brothers’ renowned organic vineyard in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, and Flathead cherry wine from Lise Rousseau and Al Silva's organic hilltop orchard on Finley Point at Flathead Lake in Montana. We are proud to introduce Temptation, a dry, white apple wine. A refreshing, sophisticated departure from sweet apple wines, this is made from the best organic Pink Lady apples grown in Washington state.

Our 2004 vintage year produced 3,200 cases of wine. The varieties are Flathead Cherry Dry, Farm Dog Red (a tasty blend of our Frontenac, Maréchal Foch, Leon Millot and St. Croix grapes), Temptation, a dry, white apple wine, and Moonlight Pinot Noir. Our new releases are Blind Curve Sauvignon Blanc from renowned Lake County, CA, sauvignon blanc grapes and Fat Cat White from our own St. Pepin grapes.

All our grapes and fruit are certified organic. Our wines are all produced and bottled at Rattlesnake Creek Winery.

All of our wines have no added sulfites and those indicated have no detectable sulfites.

Please call (406-549-8703) or email ( the winery for ordering information.

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Flathead Cherry Dry
Made from Elise Rousseau and Al Silva's organic cherries grown on Finley Point at Flathead Lake, this superb, dry dinner wine is ideal for any occasion. Lively up front, it warms to a rich, deep taste, lingering with a clean finish on the palate. Some describe it as a good Pinot Noir with a hint of cherry.
No Detectable Sulfites
$13/156 case + shipping

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Fat Cat White
The bouquet of flavors of this extraordinary, fine white wine made from the St. Pepin grape ranges from freesia and lightly fragrant spring flowers to melon, lemon leaves, summer grass and butterscotch. A long crisp finish cleanses the palate. It's rare, refined, superb.
Available Spring, 2005.
$14/168 case + shipping

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Farm Dog Red
A red table wine as bold as Lucy, our vineyard foredog. A blend of Maréchal Foch, Frontenac, and Leon Millot, this wine exhibits cherry and ripe plum flavors with a touch of French oak. Farm Dog Red stands up splendidly to Porterhouse or pizza.
Available February, 2005.

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Made from organic Northwest Pink Lady Apples, this dry dinner wine has a floral, crisp apple flavor with nice mouthfeel and a touch of spice. Perfect for picnics and light dinners.
$13/156 case + shipping

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Pure and elegant, with sumptuous flavor, this pinot noir is created using grapes from Bill and Tom Cattrall’s vineyard in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. This 30-year-old hilltop vineyard produces world class Pinot Noir grapes.
$17/192 case + shipping

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Blind Curve Sauvignon Blanc
Intriguing flavors--melon, lime, tropical fruit and mineral--please the palate from the earthy first encounter through a sensual, gooseberry mouthfeel to the rich, lightly spicy finish. Blind Curve is a medium-bodied wine, perfect with scallops and pasta in lemon sauce. Try it with proscuitto and cantaloupe, blackened chicken Caesar salad, a rich dessert.

It's name?
Winemaker Andy Sponseller and writer Bryan DiSalvatore's great adventure: Labor Day weekend. No refrigerated truck available in a 6-state region. Grapes will be harvested in 48 hours 1,200 miles away. Never mind. We head southwest in two Budget Rental trucks to secure world-class sauvignon blanc. Destination: Dancing Crow Vineyard, Lake County, California. We crush and press 16 tons, load the juice and
head up the pass. Swoosh and swerve, 105 degrees, pedal to the metal. Ritzville, Washington: juice threatening to ferment. Two more passes to go. Door to door, home in 26 hours. Pump juice into cool tanks. Yes! Timing is everything. We’ve taken the terror out of choosing a good wine. Sit down, relax. Time to enjoy the superb taste of a fine sauvignon blanc. We’ll go down any road to get the best grapes for our customers.

Price for this wine is:
$14.59/157.58 case + shipping


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