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Join the Grand Union Hotel for
"Taste of the Big Sky"
A Grand Tasting Party

Friday April 22, 2005 - 7:00 pm
Fort Benton, MT

Chef Clayton Arakawa presents his Montana Regional Cuisine showcased with a wine to compliment.

The 5 course menu will focus on local Montana products and will offer a unique wine pairing from Rattlesnake Creek Vineyard north of Missoula.

Special thanks to R & T Services Outdoor Living for providing great outdoor seating options!


Yellowstone & Whitefish Caviar
Chopped Hard Boiled Egg, Smoked Salmon Roulade
Wine: Fat Cat White St. Pepin

Garden Course
Organic Mixed Greens
Flat Bread, Roma Tomatoes, Cilantro Dressing
Wine: Fat Cat White St. Pepin

Pasta Course
House made Potato Gnocchi
Carrots, Onions, Short Rib Ragu
Wine: Moonlight Pinot Noir

Main Course
Montana Lamb
Montana Wheat Salad, Huckleberry Gastrique
Wine: Moonlight Pinot Noir

Last Course
Cherry Genoise
Chocolate Mousse, Cherries, Cherry Sauce
Wine: Flathead Cherry Dry

Room and Tasting Package:

Single or Double $200.00
Junior Suite $220.00
Master Suite $230.00

The package includes: Room, Tax, dinner and wine tasting for two, gratuity, and Continental Breakfast the following morning.

Tasting Package is $125.00 per couple or $65.00 per person. The package includes: Dinner and wine tasting for two inclusive of gratuity.

Call for reservations:
Toll free 888-838-1882 or

Rattlesnake Creek
Vineyard and Winery

Three miles up Rattlesnake Creek from Missoula, Montana, sits a yellow, barn-like structure in a pasture beside a field of grapevines. Really. A true Montana vineyard and winery.

And now you wonder--fine wine made in Montana, where there are cougars and grizzlies and howling blizzards? Is that possible? Is it also possible that these people have been drinking?

Yes, we certainly have. For about seven years now. Planting, pruning, fermenting, aging, blending, tasting, and we finally have it right. We hope you'll agree.

Recent Praise of the Moonlight Pinot Noir:

"Andy Sponseller of Rattlesnake Farms in Missoula has crafted an elegant Pinot Noir from grapes grown in Oregon. The wine itself is rich purple to the eye. The nose is full of plums and ripe fruit with a hint of sweet cherries. The mouth also gets lots of ripe fruit and plums in a silky, medium-bodied feel. The finish is smooth and delicious. Rattlesnake Vineyards cannot be accused of making a ho-hum Burgundy style wine. This Pinot Noir demonstrates the legendary serendipitous results from a grape that is notoriously finicky in the field and in the making."

-- As seen in 'The Grapevine', Vol. 1, No. 3
Published by The Wine Gallery, Bozeman, MT
December 12, 2004

"Last week I asked our alert readers to find an organic wine that didn't taste like battery acid. Several of you pointed out the Rattlesnake Creek Vineyard "Moonlight" Pinot Noir. We mentioned in the last issue that this Missoula based winery makes wine from organically grown grapes. Careful reading of the label shows that this wine is also made organically without added sulfites. I was fooled by my own prejudices when I tried the first bottle. I didn’t think a wine that tasted that good with the rich plum flavors could be "organic". Live and learn. My sincere and profuse apologies go to the Sponsellers for lumping them in with the "battery acid" crowd. My estimation of the skill Andy and Connie have for making wine has bumped up considerably. The Wine Gallery will proudly and truthfully sell Rattlesnake Creek "Moonlight" Pinot Noir as the organic wine that stumped the experts. Add another masterpiece in the Wine Gallery. We have a wonderful wine made right here in Montana. It is organic, it tastes great, it is priced right ($16.95) and it humbled me."

-- As seen in 'The Grapevine', Vol. 1, No. 4
Published by The Wine Gallery, Bozeman, MT
December 29, 2004

We would like to thank Doug Badenoch, owner of The Wine Gallery and author of The Grapevine, for his gracious remarks.

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